Logo Credits

A complete list of lines from ## Credits section of my README.md files

grep --no-filename '\[!\[' */README.md */*/README.md | sort --unique --ignore-case

To do:

  • grep -v img.shields.io
  • grep -v actions/workflow`
  • grep -v api.netlify.com`
  • go through repos and unify descriptions
  • Gandi
  • svgrepo
  • Netlify

1and1 AWS S3 bash Bootstrap Bootstrap Clipboard.js Cloudflare CloudFlare Cloudflare Font Awesome Font Awesome Font Awesome Gimp Github Github Github Github Gitlab git GoatCounter golang Google Analytics Google Analytics Google Cloud Run Google Cloud Google Fonts Google Noto Emoji Google Noto Emoji Google Noto Emoji Handlebars HTML5 ImageMagick Inkscape JavaScript Jekyll Jekyll Jekyll Jekyll jQuery Koa lunr.js lunr.js lunr.js Markdown Noah Marcuse Node.js Node.js Nodemon NodePing npm Pico CSS pino Python Python rsvg Sass Sass Shields.IO Shoelace CSS SimpleShare.dev SimpleShare.dev SimpleShareIO SimpleShare SuperTinyIcons svgo TypeScript VectorLogoZone VectorLogoZone VectorLogoZone VectorLogoZone Vercel W3C Markup Validation Service water.css Wufoo YAML yarn

Date: 2024-01-13

Tags:  webmaster