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MacOS X 2019-03-27 Starting the SSH server on MacOS
MacOS X 2019-02-22 Find the color on MacOS
MacOS X 2019-01-15 Clear an iTerm window without reseting
Git 2019-01-14 Get the date of the last git commit
Artificial Memory 2018-12-18 Common TCP/IP Ports
PostgreSQL 2018-12-03 PostgreSQL disk usage
PostgreSQL 2018-10-04 Current connections/activity in PostgreSQL
bash scripts 2018-09-26 Make an image list for a Github README.md
MacOS X 2018-08-30 Disable not-so-“smart quotes” in Slack on MacOS
OpenSSL 2018-08-29 Convert from DER to PEM (and back) with OpenSSL
MacOS X 2018-08-09 Memory information on MacOS X
MacOS X 2018-08-07 View open (listening) ports on MacOS
PostgreSQL 2018-06-27 Remove stop words in a string with PostgreSQL
VirtualBox 2018-06-13 Stop Vagrant from asking for a password
MacOS X 2018-06-12 Show dotfiles in MacOS Finder open dialog window
bash scripts 2018-06-08 Random words
bash scripts 2018-06-07 DNS/host lookup that searches /etc/hosts
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2018-06-06 Use wildcards to delete files on AWS S3
SVG 2018-06-05 Fix for Inkscape glitches on over-optimized SVGs
Markdown 2018-05-25 Preview GitHub Markdown files (like README.md) locally before committing them
OpenSSL 2018-05-18 Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) with OpenSSL
MacOS X 2018-05-17 Where are the mobile provisioning profiles?
MacOS X 2018-04-27 Make an annotated screenshot on MacOS
Android 2018-04-20 Download an APK file from an Android device
bash scripts 2018-04-09 Get the size of an individual file in Bash
MacOS X 2018-04-02 Which process is using a port on MacOS
PostgreSQL 2018-03-12 Histograms in PostgreSQL query tool
Git 2018-03-09 create an empty branch in git
Git 2018-03-04 Get the current git commit from a file
curl 2018-03-02 Setting a custom Host header with curl
Android 2018-02-28 Android versions: code names and api levels
Artificial Memory 2018-02-25 Light bulb temperatures
PDF 2018-02-23 Rotate all pages 180 degrees in a PDF
MacOS X 2018-02-09 Insert emoji in MacOS
OpenSSL 2018-01-12 View a website's SSL certificate with OpenSSL
OpenSSL 2018-01-10 Dump an X.509 certificate with OpenSSL
MacOS X 2018-01-03 Open a MacOS GUI app from the terminal
bash scripts 2017-12-18 get the ISO-8601 date in bash
MacOS X 2017-10-26 What are the '@' (at signs) in ls on MacOS X
JSON files 2017-10-06 sort a .JSON file that is an array
bash scripts 2017-09-21 break script on error
bash scripts 2017-07-20 run multiple commands in parallel
bash scripts 2017-07-05 Make a temporary directory in a script that works on MacOS X and Linux
bash scripts 2017-06-29 Truncate log files without restarting services
bash scripts 2017-05-24 Generate a random password
curl 2017-05-23 Curl with POST data
bash scripts 2017-05-23 Access the clipboard from the command line
MacOS X 2017-04-18 lock the screen on a mac from the cmd line
Android 2017-03-20 Test with a different language in the Android emulator
2017-03-09 Simple HTTP server for static files
MacOS X 2017-01-10 List the install code signing identities
PostgreSQL 2016-11-02 Import a .CSV file into PostgreSQL
bash scripts 2016-10-14 Pause for the user to press a key in the middle of a bash script
bash scripts 2016-10-07 Run a command on every file found by find
VirtualBox 2016-09-29 Compact a VirtualBox Hard Drive image
text files 2016-09-12 Remove the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark (BOM) with vi
bash scripts 2016-08-22 find files newer than x
JSON files 2016-08-10 Merge .JSON files with jq
JSON files 2016-08-10 Use jq to edit an existing file in-place
JSON files 2016-08-09 create a new .JSON file with specific values
JSON files 2016-08-09 Count the number of leaves (non-object nodes) in a .JSON file
Android 2016-08-05 see expanded string values in an .APK file
Android 2016-08-05 get the versionCode from an .APK file
Android 2016-06-20 View the Android manifest for an .APK file
text files 2016-06-13 Remove linefeeds (LF/0x013) from text files
MacOS X 2016-06-09 Screen Capture Hotkeys on MacOS X
MacOS X 2016-05-17 set MacOS hostnames
bash scripts 2016-05-17 bash prompt with color

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